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News: *The phone line switch off has already begun* How are You preparing? learn more about the isdn/pstn switch off
Phone System

How to set up a VoIP phone system

When it comes to reducing costs, enabling remote working, scalability and efficiency, a VoIP phone system can make a huge difference. So what does it

Phone System

Converting an analogue phone line to VoIP

If you’re planning to streamline and future proof your business, you may be considering switching from standard phone equipment to a VoIP telephone system. But

Phone System

What are VoIP phone systems used for?

VoIP phone systems are designed to send and receive phone calls using the internet. VoIP handsets come in two main types: hardware-based and software-based phones.


Best broadband for working from home

In the current climate, an increased number of employees are working from home on a regular basis. However, whilst remote working poses several benefits in


Best phones in 2020 for VoIP

Finding the best VoIP phone solution for your home or business is an important task. When choosing your VoIP phone system, it’s imperative that you


VoIP phone systems for small businesses

Thousands of companies across the world have now tapped into the huge advantages of upgrading their telephony to a cloud-based solution. But what exactly are


Are VoIP phone systems reliable?

An influx of businesses across the country have future-proofed their office phone system by upgrading to a VoIP solution. But for those who are still


VoIP advantages and disadvantages

If you’re considering moving to a VoIP phone solution, you’re not alone. The system is quickly gaining in popularity with thousands of businesses across the country now using VoIP rather than traditional phone lines. But


What internet speed is needed for VoIP?

Across the country, more and more businesses are tapping into the power of VoIP to revolutionise their office phone system. However, whilst transferring your phone

Phone System

Can I change my lines to SIP trunks?

With the forthcoming PSTN switch off, many businesses are looking for a way to future-proof their phone systems. Many have already opted for SIP trunks