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Rethinking the way business communicates

To nurture growth, it’s important to let go of the habits weighing you down.


Founded on a strong desire for change

Structured Communications began in 2011 as a response to the failings of the industry we loved. Emphasis was placed on making sales, while service was side-lined — to the detriment of the customer.

Across all sectors, businesses were forced to adopt unfavourable agreements. Contracts were long and inflexible, features were expensive, and maintenance procedures woefully inefficient.

We decided to address the problem by becoming a telecommunications solution provider: one focused on a set of values that placed the customer ahead of sales targets.

By focusing on elevating customer experience, our passionate team of engineers and account managers has succeeded in helping businesses find solutions that fit their needs.

At the crux of our interaction with businesses is our consultative approach: we always listen and never dictate.

Our organisation has come a long way. We’re now a leading provider of broadband, mobile and IP telephony to SMEs and large corporations across the UK.

We’ve worked alongside some of the most influential suppliers and innovators in the industry, including BT Openreach, Cisco and Microsoft, to implement high quality, reliable solutions.

What hasn’t changed is the commitment to our founding values, and the trust extended to us by the business community we serve. 

Bringing fresh ideas to telecommunications

Launched IN 2011

When Chris Dale and David Smith founded Structured Communications, they shared a singular vision: to disrupt the market. They understood that honesty and transparency could attract business, owing to the prevalence of poor standards.

By 2015, work would be completed on one of the company’s strongest assets: its custom-built network. This provided the foundation for the high performance and reliable connectivity our solutions offer today.

As the decade progressed, so did the company:

  • CHAS accreditation: Gained in 2016, it served as an overture to our accomplishments in the construction sector.
  • Ghost Gamer Broadband: In 2017, we made an innovative decision to leverage our own network in the service of competitive online gaming.
  • Data centre move: 2018 saw our server infrastructure transfer in-house to provide more efficient support.
  • Staff expansion: The end of the decade saw the arrival of new team members. The skills and knowledge individuals brought with them bolstered our devotion to service excellence.

As we transition into the 2020s, Structured Communications is positioned to continue its market ascendance by guiding businesses through the technological changes they must face.

With PSTN and ISDN services scheduled to cease by 2025, businesses have important choices to make about their communications strategies, and how to adapt to a new era.

With a renewed need for accurate information and frictionless implementation, our honest and transparent approach has never been more important.



Whether your organisation is a large corporation or SME, we’ll work with you to understand and build bespoke solutions appropriate for your needs. We welcome collaboration with businesses in specialised industries, to fulfil unique or niche demand.


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