Male employee working at desk wearing VoIP phone headset

What internet speed is needed for VoIP?

Across the country, more and more businesses are tapping into the power of VoIP to revolutionise their office phone system. However, whilst transferring your phone lines over to a VoIP set-up is relatively straightforward, there are a few key pieces of criteria that you must check before making the switch – including your internet speed, …more

Male employee using mobile phone SIP trunk

Can I change my lines to SIP trunks?

With the forthcoming PSTN switch off, many businesses are looking for a way to future-proof their phone systems. Many have already opted for SIP trunks in replacement of traditional phone lines. If you are planning to join the hundreds of other organisations in the move away from a landline phone solution, you may be wondering …more

Female employee working at home using business mobile

How to get a business mobile with a landline number

There are many advantages and benefits to be had from having a landline number for your business mobile phone: you can answer more calls (wherever you are), look more professional, reduce your phone bill and work more flexibly. In fact, the increasing trend for working virtually or on the move, means that having a landline …more

Call centre using VoIP phone system for a large office

Phone system for a large office

Whether you’re planning to upgrade or setting up a new business premises, deciding on a new phone system for a large office can be worrisome. Most businesses are reliant on their phone system to guarantee consistent communication – both internally and externally. With a multitude of phone solutions available, it’s important to carry out thorough …more

Diagram of mobile phones remotely connected to cloud system

Hosted phone system disadvantages

What is a hosted phone system? A hosted phone system utilises the internet to transfer voice data (i.e. telephone calls), as opposed to sending analogue signals across a traditional PSTN landline connection. Rather than hosting a physical private telephone exchange (PBX) within your premises, a hosted phone system carries out the work of processing and …more

Full fibre broadband cables vs ADSL copper wires

Is fibre broadband better than ADSL?

In the UK, there are a variety of different broadband solutions available. This can make it tricky to decipher which type of connection is most suited to your requirements. Do I need the fastest connection possible? Which will give me the best deal? This guide breaks down two of the most common types of broadband: …more

Collage of types of new phone system solutions including landline, mobile and VoIP

New phone system installation checklist

If you’re looking to invest in a new phone system or upgrade your current one, you might be wondering: where do you start? How do you know which system to get? What do you need for this system to work? And what happens once it’s installed? What do you want from your business phone system? …more

two construction team members communicating

How to Improve Communications on a Construction Site

When on-site communications are neglected, companies don’t just risk the health of their finances; the health of their employees and the public is also a concern. After all, any construction site can be a dangerous place to work. Applying effective communication practices doesn’t just save lives – it also serves to build better relationships. Better …more

Worker using SIP trunking system in an office

What is SIP trunking and how does it work?

With Openreach planning to end support for PSTN and ISDN services in 2025, businesses are seeking to procure new office phone solutions in greater numbers. In the UK’s commercial sector, SIP trunking is proving to be a popular replacement for traditional phone lines. What is SIP trunking protocol? SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a communications …more

Solicitor in a lawyer's office making a call via a mobile phone solution

Phone systems for a lawyer’s office

Having a reliable phone system is a crucial element of a lawyer’s office in order to guarantee the effective running of day-to-day business. Whether you’re negotiating with clients, scheduling meetings or liaising with fellow colleagues, a dependable telephone connection cannot be compromised. If you’ve already begun the search for a new phone system or started …more