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Benefits of VoIP for Small Businesses

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a type of technology that allows users to make calls over the internet rather than the conventional Digital and Analogue phone system. VoIP works by converting sound into data that can be transferred over the Internet. Using a VoIP system can have a number of fantastic benefits for all businesses.

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Why move to VoIP?

Many businesses are making the transition to VoIP now because it can significantly improve flexibility, communication and most importantly cost savings. VoIP not only helps reduce costs, but it also gives you as a business time to focus on developing your business further without having to worry about efficient methods of communication.

Since it is apparent that all communications will be IP (Internet Protocol) based within the next 10 years, it makes good sense to begin the shift toward VoIP which most businesses are already doing.

Key Features of VoIP


Structured Communications utilise 21st-century features in all VoIP Systems. Our VoIP systems are totally customisable to your requirements allowing us to tailor make your system from 1 user to 1000+ which gives you all the flexibility you need whether you have a large workforce or a small one.


Structured Communications VoIP system connects via a highly technical telephone switch network in our London data centre which is co-located and interlinked ensuring high-end HD call quality for your business.


Our high-end VoIP systems offer a range of functionality to our clients assisting in day-to-day operating requirements such as Direct Dial Numbers, Voicemail and Voicemail to Email, Inbound Caller Menu, Call Recording as well as other features such as Call Intruder and System Management. All these features that are available will add an extra dimension to your business that your competitors may not have.

Cost Effective

Additional handsets or configuration changes can be added and made to the system at any point thereby allowing the system to grow with you, without the need for continuous large outlays or engineering visits which take up valuable time and cost for your business. The majority of configuration changes can be managed remotely by our own engineers thereby providing you with the changes you need, when you need them with a personal touch.

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Future Office Move? VoIP moves with you

Standard analogue/digital business lines and phone systems connect to the Openreach network where numbers cannot be moved between the local Openreach exchanges. The Structured Communications VoIP system can be moved between offices in any area whilst maintaining all phone numbers, making life so much easier for you as a business. You can even present numbers from different area codes leaving you free to choose new office space when required. VoIP also gives you the ability to work internationally while maintaining your local UK number.

Multi-Site Business

In the event that your company has more than one site, VoIP allows you to utilise one main hosted system with handsets distributed throughout all of your sites. This solution allows for all calls between sites to become classed as ‘internal calls’ with no call charge expense, whilst also allowing customised billing of each site with a single invoice making your account department’s job easier.

Home Workers

The Structured Communication VoIP system also allows home workers to connect to the system using their existing home internet connection no matter of the country they are in, allowing calls to be managed as if they were there in the office with you. The phone is configured to its very own extension on the system and therefore, act as an internal office phone.

If you would like more information about VoIP Systems or would like to discuss your communication requirements, please contact us today.