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Telecoms, I was confused too

I was in primary school when the internet entered my life. I remember clearly when my dad came home with a few large boxes printed in a black and white cow pattern. He asked me to guess what was inside of them and I honestly replied with, “Cow Meat?” How was I to guess it was a Gateway PC?

Cow in field
My dad still laughs when he tells that story…

We have come a long way since using our home phone number to dial up (remember that sound?!) and getting a scolding if we prevented calls from reaching a member of our family. Now our days are filled with online tasks at the office and a stream of text messages, emails and social media notifications to our phones. Our lives and businesses rely on calls, emails and internet research.

Companies and individuals not in the business of telecoms can find this whole network/SIP/broadband/VoIP thing a little confusing. To be fair, I work for a communications company and sometimes things can still be confusing to me. Rest assured, when we come out to set up your system, I won’t be the one doing the installation!

I have picked up a lot of telecoms information since starting here but for so many people telecoms can be very overwhelming and causes a lot of stress. Do you worry much about your telecoms until it stops working?

Help post it note

I will be sharing information regarding what businesses need to know about Telecoms and the ways it can be tailored to what a specific business requires. I will also be sharing information regarding home systems, support issues and topics brought up by the comments and more.

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