Man using VoIP to make a phone call

Best phones in 2020 for VoIP

Finding the best VoIP phone solution for your home or business is an important task. When choosing your VoIP phone system, it’s imperative that you pick a model that compliments your individual needs. If you are a large, growing business, you will have different needs to that of someone looking for an at-home IP telephony …more

Small business using VoIP phone system at desk

VoIP phone systems for small businesses

Thousands of companies across the world have now tapped into the huge advantages of upgrading their telephony to a cloud-based solution. But what exactly are the particular benefits of VoIP phone systems for small businesses? What is VoIP? In very simplified terms, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a solution that allows voice calls to …more

Female employee using VoIP handset

How do VoIP phones work – a step by step guide

VoIP is quickly becoming one of the most popular phone solutions for both business and domestic use. The revolutionary technology uses the internet to make phone calls, providing users with an affordable alternative to landline telephones and hosting a multitude of useful bonus features. But how do VoIP phones work? What is VoIP? Voice over …more