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How to speed up broadband

We all know too well how frustrating it is when the internet is slow, not only is it an inconvenience it can lead to loss of business and a lack of productivity.

Not happy with your broadband speed? Here are our top tips to help make it faster.

Test the speed

The first step is to find out just how slow your internet connection is. You can do this through our free speedtest. The test will provide you with your upload and download speeds, meaning you’re able to see whether these improve when you have made changes to your broadband.

Following the speedtest, if you decide that your broadband is not performing to your expectations there are a few things that we encourage you to consider.


If you’re using a Wi-Fi connection, you need to make sure that your router is positioned where it is going to be most effective. It may seem like an obvious tip to try but it can often help significantly and may have been overlooked if you’re speed is slow. You will get the best coverage if you place it somewhere central.

Many things can impact the strength of a wireless connection including walls, doors and interference from other electrical devices. Placing the router high up can often reduce the chance of this happening.

If you’re still having problems after doing this and consulting the router’s manual, new hardware could be a solution. An access point is an option and will extend or amplify your Wi-Fi signal.

If your current or new hardware does not appear to be the answer, it is time to consider upgrading your broadband.

Bonded Broadband

Bonded Broadband can increase internet speeds by up to 80%. The way bonded broadband works is by connecting multiple ADSL lines into a single connection, which ultimately delivers greater download and upload speeds.

One major benefit to Bonded Broadband for businesses is that because it uses up to four broadband lines, if one is to suffer a fault, the other lines will remain live and therefore connectivity will not go down. This ensures a business will still be able to use the Internet and be productive without downtime.

Leased Line

A fibre leased line is a dedicated fibre connection to the Internet that provides your business with the ultimate broadband connectivity. This type of connection is ideal for handling voice, data and internet traffic through a fibre optic connection that runs between the customer site and the service provider’s network.

There are many benefits to Fibre Leased Lines, you can find out more about the advantages here.


Alternatively you could consider Ethernet First Mile (EFM). Compared to the Fibre Leased Line it is a low cost solution but still provides high speed, reliable internet connectivity. It is more ideal for businesses that have outgrown ADSL broadband but cannot afford fibre optic services. EFM can deliver up to 35Mbps symmetric speeds for download and upload via multi-line copper. Not only this, but one of its major benefits is that it has a much faster installation time.

Upgrading your broadband could make a huge difference to the speed of the connection. Clients that have moved over to us now get much faster speeds through our network.

Want to find out more? Contact us, our experts are always on hand to discuss all of the options available to you.

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