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Slow broadband in Horsham: Ways to speed it up

Broadband upgrades are occurring at different rates in different areas. Typically, fibre cable is being installed in heavier populated areas more often, and sooner. According to research by Which? Horsham falls in one of the slowest areas for broadband across Sussex.

Businesses, in particular, have to ensure that they have a strong and stable connection but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t have offices located in areas such as Horsham. As a Horsham based telecoms company, Structured Communications has an interest in helping businesses improve their broadband speeds.

According to Horsham District Council Business Survey Feedback in 2016, 20% of businesses surveyed reported that poor broadband speeds were a serious constraining factor on their business.

Will Tasney, Agency Surveyor at Crickmay Chartered Surveyors, states “there are a lot of factors that go into where a business chooses to locate their office and broadband is definitely a key consideration.“

Just because your current or predicted speeds in your home or office building are slow, doesn’t mean you don’t have options to get faster speeds.

Hardwiring your connection

Try plugging your device into your broadband to strengthen your connection. A wireless connection is not going to be as strong as when your device is connected to the router. If you do require a stronger WiFi connection, an access point may help you get a stronger connection and faster speeds within areas of the building.

Have you thought about switching to a new provider?

It is a myth that all internet service providers (ISP) are going to provide the same speeds. Recently we had a new client come to us from one of the major telecoms providers in the UK. Using the same telephone line and their existing router our client’s average download speeds increased by 48% and their average upload speeds increased by 400% after switching to us.

Bonded Broadband

One way to outsmart slow internet is to bond several connections together. This increases with every line bonded together, up to four lines. This is a more cost-effective way to increase speed compared to a dedicated leased line which can be a more permanent solution.

According to Structured Communications Managing Director Chris Dale, “Bonded broadband is a solution we often recommend to our clients in rural areas and clients in need of a temporary solution while a leased line is due to be installed.

Bonded broadband is a flexible solution as additional lines can be added or removed as needed. There isn’t one solution that works for everyone.”

What now?

Check out your speeds here to assess your current broadband performance.

Keep in mind that there are options available to increase your speeds. The solutions above are appropriate for both a business or a residential property.

If you have any questions the team at Structured Communications would be happy to help and can be reached on 0203 301 4000.