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Your Christmas Telecoms Survival Guide

The festive season and Christmas is a busy and important time in any business, for many different reasons. Often there are tasks that are overlooked, staff shortages, and either an increase or decrease in business.

Whichever industry you work in, you can take measures to make sure your business runs smoothly over the festive period. Here’s our survival guide with useful tips on how to make your telecoms work for you this Christmas:

Answer scripts

Around the festive period it is always a good idea to refresh your default telephone audio message. If your opening times change around the holidays or your office does in fact close for a period of time, this can be the ideal place to inform customers of these changes in advance.

In addition, email these important details to your clients as well and display them on your website. These should feature alongside any emergency contact details if your business is one that requires out of hours support.

Update your voicemail

You don’t want potential or existing clients to call up and hear an out of date voicemail greeting that can often leave a bad impression and have a negative impact on your customer service. With this in mind, update your voicemail so that it is current and suitable for your business. Don’t forget to wish your customers a merry Christmas or relaxing break into the new year to make the message more personable.

Voicemail to email

Something that can also be done is to set up your voicemail to pick up calls while the office is closed and forward them to email so that you can still keep on top of enquiries even when the office is closed. This is a key benefit of our VoIP systems and can help you to prioritise and manage enquiries and support requests easily and ensure that established, new and potential customers are kept happy.

This is an incredibly useful system to set up and relatively quick to action once you’re familiar with the software and hardware involved.

Divert your calls

Don’t forget your phone system has the functionality to forward your incoming calls to either another landline phone, or even a mobile phone. Therefore, if you are out of the office over the festive period you never have to miss a call and your caller need not know you’re out of the office as the transition to the diverted device is seamless. This function does come at an extra cost but the benefit to your business is sure to outweigh the cost.

Working from home or travelling

If you’re working from home or travelling a lot throughout the month of December due to Christmas commitments and you need to be more flexible with your working hours, the versatility of telecoms means this doesn’t have to be a problem. 

You can be set up as a remote user to still be connected and have all the functionality that you would if you were in the office. All you need is a remote phone configured to connect to the system located at the central office.
All of these functions are key benefits of our VoIP Phone systems. Want to find out more or need help getting your business ready for Christmas? Just give us a call.

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