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Telecom Faults

There are things in our lives that don’t cause us any stress until they stop working. Like your fridge breaking the day before a big holiday meal. The appliance that usually makes life easier is suddenly causing you a great deal of upset and frustration.

Sometimes issues can come up with your telecom system, putting a big presentation at risk. Whether it be in your home or business, you may not realize your telecoms is failing until it is not working at all and the stress this could cause is just not even worth thinking about.

System failure = loss of business. How would your day be going if you didn’t have working phones or internet? How many tasks would be halted? Could your clients reach you? Are emails being read? What will your staff do?

Telecoms Failure Stress

Noticing the Warning Signs

Various problems can occur with your telecoms. Some issues you can see, like a cut line from the telegraph pole, and some need an investigation to determine what went wrong.

  • You may start noticing that it’s hard to hear the person on the other end of the phone or people are telling you that they can’t hear you very well.
  • Often you might start to notice call issues such as noise interfering with the call, calls dropping or hardware overheating.
  • Warning lights on the phone system might come on, at this point, it is time to call for an engineer to help.

These three issues are indications that it could be time to start looking at your options rather than waiting for a complete system failure.

System Failure

What to do

Some businesses require redundancies. This comes in many forms and helps prevent loss of service.
If your telecoms provider is providing a good service, they are advising you about your options regarding redundancies and fail-safe options. While natural disasters and the like cannot be avoided, other things can be.

Sometimes a new system is the best option. When hardware gets older it becomes outdated, complete systems and parts become harder to find and eventually stop being manufactured. It is still worth finding out if the manufacturer can get parts to get you back online, even if only temporarily, while you figure out a solution for the long term.

With bonded broadband, 2 or more lines are bonded together, if one of the lines stops working for some reason, the others will continue to work.

There are a lot of variables to consider when updating, upgrading or adding resilience to your system. Regardless, it’s a good idea to think about it before something goes wrong.

If you have experienced any of these signs or want to start looking at your options to avoid system failure get in touch, our experts are always on hand to help.