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Our Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

We are delighted to share the results of our independent customer satisfaction survey.

We understand the value of customer satisfaction and our customer’s happiness is at the core of everything we do. We are proud to be an independent telecommunications provider with our own network, and as network providers, we make continuous improvements as our client base and needs grow.

To ensure we are surpassing expectations, we commissioned an independent agency to contact our clients and ask them to rate their experience with us.

See the results here:


Customer Satisfaction Survey

At Structured Communications, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional service and expertise to our customers. Find out what they think based on this anonymous satisfaction survey.

  • How would you rate the service we provide? 8.5 / 10, 92% of customers would rate us excellent for the service we provide.
  • How would you rate us on value for money? 8/10, 82% of customers say we provide excellent value for money.
  • 97% of customers would recommend our services.
  • “They couldn’t be more pleasant to work with even if they tried. They are wonderful and we love them. I wouldn’t go back to BT if they paid me.”
  • “We have been very pleased with the service.”
  • “Structured Communications are fantastic -you only find out how good a company is when they fix a problem.”
  • “Antony and the team make our lives easy.”
  • “What Structured Communications offer is great, and the staff are very friendly. The team bends over backward to help. They are diamonds and are great at communicating with us.”

If you require any voice, internet or mobile services and would love to work with a provider who offers amazing customer satisfaction, then please contact us.