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About Us

After many years of working within the industry, it was clear that the telecommunications sector had given itself a reputation as sales driven with poor customer service. This was especially detrimental to the business market, with ‘middle-men’ between suppliers leading to delayed delivery of service and product to the client.

Businesses were, and are still, being tied into long inflated contracts, overpaying for services, often being kept in call queues for long periods of time, and all without any responsibility or action being taken by the supplier in times of faults or changes to the account. The end result being a frustrated client wishing to change suppliers at the end of each contract agreed.

Times needed to change.

In 2011, Structured Communications Ltd was born from an understanding and a desire to provide an open, honest and transparent telecommunication service with dedicated account managers to remove the hassle of managing your communication services.

We were founded by a team of highly experienced account management and technical staff with 50+ years experience between them, all believing in high level of service and product quality at all times.

Structured Communications is proud to be one of only a few ‘direct-to-network’ providers thereby resulting in lower cost, faster provision and faster fault resolution times to all our clients, all by cutting out middle-men within the industry.

The company has continued to expand internally with recruitment of further specialists in differing departments to continue the growth of the company whilst maintaining our key values.

Structured Communications Ltd is growing fast with its clients whilst focusing on high quality and reliability throughout all solutions we offer.

The company is leading the way in secure and quality VoIP/Connectivity solutions to all markets whilst continuing to offer call and line savings on companies’ running costs.

We are proud of the work we do. Please contact us on 0203 301 4000 to learn more about us and how we can support your telecoms needs.