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What are SIP Trunks & Channels?

SIP – which stands for Session Initiation Protocol – is used to send voice calls over the internet via an IP telephone system rather than using traditional PSTN (analogue) and ISDN (digital) lines.

SIP Trunks are the fastest growing telephony service in the UK, already used by thousands of businesses nationwide.

Can I change my existing lines to SIP Trunks?

Yes you can.

Most PSTN and ISDN numbers including Direct Dial In (DDI) can be easily ported to our SIP platform. We are also certified for compatibility with Panasonic PBX systems allowing many businesses with an existing Panasonic PBX to switch to our SIP Trunk service immediately.

How will SIP Trunks & Channels benefit my business?

  • Lower costs

    There is no charge to add additional SIP channels to your phone system when you need to increase user capacity. The equivalent addition with PSTN/ISDN would be around £100 + vat per channel depending on your provider. In addition to no install cost, adding the required capacity is completed within 24 hours. This ability to supply allows flexibility and is far reduced from the 1-2 week lead time for such work with PSTN/ISDN lines. Line rental costs are also lowered as SIP are commonly around 50% less than traditional ISDN lines. Calls made via SIP across your organisation are completely free, even to international sites, when using our SIP trunks at all locations.

  • Scalability

    As stated above, the number of SIP channels on your system can be increased or decreased without the need for any equipment changes. SIP channels are flexible enough that they can be increased or decreased to suit seasonal requirements of your business should this be required.

  • Portability

    SIP Trunks offer great number portability and flexibility to your company. When using our SIP trunks you can move your numbers to any location in the world without the restraints of local telephone exchanges where they do not allow this. As an example, your business could move from London to Cornwall whilst retaining your London numbers. With SIP, the number moves with you. No call forwarding. No excess charges.

So, why choose Structured Communications for SIP Trunks & Channels?

  • Quality

    SIP Channels, when configured and managed correctly, provide HD quality calls all of the time. To ensure this happens SIP channels need to be installed using a quality internet connection. Many providers sell ‘off-the-shelf’ VoIP products which are designed to look attractive to your budget however are cheap and often not very reliable giving SIP a bad name. These providers are simply re-selling another companies product and often don’t have the experience or expertise to install and manage a quality SIP solution.

  • Expertise

    Our SIP platform has been built from the ground up by our in-house team of technical engineers meaning we have full control of what the system can and can’t do. It also means that we can monitor the network 24/7 to ensure all of our clients stay connected and receive a high grade service all of the time.

  • Resilience

    We have built multi-level resiliency into the network by having direct data links in multiple carrier networks. This means that if one carrier has a fault the system will automatically switch to another within minutes. Most other providers only use a single carrier meaning faults can last hours or even days in extreme cases. Accredited SIP Channel Provider – Panasonic has awarded Structured Communications with a SIP IOT Certificate, having successfully completed testing with Panasonic System Networks IOT Japan for voice and fax solutions.

    SIP channels allow greater flexibility while saving you money. Please contact us on 0203 301 4000 to learn more.