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Reducing overheads is key to your business; it starts with a call

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Start saving on your call costs today

Structured Communications is able to reduce your businesses call spend by up to 70% no cost to you or any needless equipment or engineer visits.

There is also no long-term commitment.

Structured Communications will provide a free, no obligation audit of your current line and call charges showing the savings to be made and improvements available.

How do we do it?

Structured Communications utilises the 'Carrier Pre Selection' service allowing us to route your calls from your local exchange via our servers each time you dial out. This is a seamless process which is automatically completed without the need for you to change the way you make calls.

Will the quality of the call drop with the prices?

Not at all, in fact it may improve. Structured Communications utilises only Tier 1 suppliers ensuring the highest standard of service is delivered to our clients.

Personalised Custom Tariff

Upon the opening of your account with Structured Communications, your account manager will discuss your common call destinations and build a custom tariff to suit your business needs to ensure savings are maximised.

The Benefits:

  • No change to your current phone system or phone numbers
  • No additional equipment required
  • No engineer visit required
  • No downtime
  • Seamless transfer
  • No sign-up, connection or subscription charges
  • Call itemisation provided monthly in Excel format for analysis
  • Personal account management
  • Up to 70% savings over BT

How do we invoice it?

We utilise a customised billing platform allowing us to invoice each call to the second. Each monthly invoice will provide full call itemisation for ease of analysis.

How to transfer?

Transfering your voice calls to Structured Communications takes 15 days to complete and is an automated process. There is no downtime on your service or engineering required.

For a free no obligation comparison on your existing telecom charges please contact us on 0203 301 4000 or via email at