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Structured Communications are proud to be one of only a few ‘direct-to-network’ providers thereby resulting in lower cost, faster provision and faster fault resolution times to all our clients, all by cutting out middle-men within the industry.

  • Existing Lines

    We are able to transfer your existing lines to our management without downtime or change of equipment, no matter the line type. This enables us to provide cost savings and improved support to your business without hassle of stopping or starting lines.

  • New Lines

    Structured Communications also arrange and manage the provision of new lines to suit the needs of all businesses, large and small. Structured Communications will continue to manage the lines and be your direct contact concerning all your communications.

  • Flexible Contracts

    As a 'Direct-to-Network' line provider, Structured are in the unique position to be able to offer our clients contracts from 30 days on all line types including ISDN30e. This allows us to provide temporary lines where needed, often assisting companies moving office and with temporary structures.

  • Line Types

    There are a choice of line type available to you, serving all business size and requirement.

Line Types

PSTN Analogue Line

The single analogue line is the most common line type for most businesses due to primary uses listed i.e. broadband, alarms.

PSTN Analogue Description
Also Known As A-Line, Single Analogue, Premium Line, Copper Line
Primary Uses Voice, Broadband, Fax, PDQ Card machines, Lifts or Alarms
Business Size Small, Medium, Large

Multi-PSTN Analogue Line

Provide one main number shared over a number of additional lines allowing for concurrent calls.

Multi-PSTN Analogue Description
Also Known As Multi-A-Line, Auxiliary Lines, Multi-Analogue
Primary Uses Voice
Business Size Small


ISDN2e is a digital service giving you the capacity for 2 channels per ISDN2e. As an example, 6 simultaneous external voice calls can be achieved on the same number using 3 ISDN2e linked.

ISDN2e also offers Direct Dial Inwards (DDI). This feature allows your employees to have direct numbers for external calls.

ISDN2e Description
Also Known As D2 Line, Digital Line
Primary Uses Voice/Data
Business Size Small/Medium


ISDN30e is a larger digital service than the ISDN2e with a minimum channel allowance of 8. The ISDN30e gives you capacity for 8-30 simultaneous external voice/data calls including DDI options.

ISDN30e Description
Also Known As D30 Line, Digital Line, Bearer
Primary Uses Voice/Data
Business Size Large

SIP Lines (VoIP)

SIP Lines are not technically fixed phone lines. SIP is the line type used by VoIP phone systems over your internet connection.

SIP provides future flexibility in terms of moving numbers around the globe without the restrictions of network exchanges.

SIP Lines (VoIP) Description
Also Known As VoIP Line, SIP Channel, Internet Line
Primary Uses Voice
Business Size Small, Medium, Large

You may not have the best price for your phone lines. Please contact us on 0203 301 4000 to to discuss the right line type for your business.