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  • 05/08/2020 14:23 – Broadband Disruption August 5, 2020
    We are aware a number of broadband services have been dropping PPP sessions over the past several hours. Initial diagnostics show nothing wrong our side and we have raised this with our suppliers for further investigation. UPDATE 01 – 14:27 We have received an update to advise there is an issue further upstream and emergency … Continue reading "05/08/2020 14:23 – Broadband Disruption"

  • 28/07/2020 – 20:00 SMTP relay July 28, 2020
    We are aware our unauthenticated SMTP relay cluster has been subject to relay abuse by a compromised client. Currently SMTP services are suspended on the cluster. UPDATE 01 – 22:30 SMTP services on the cluster remain suspended while we review. Further updates will be provided on the 29/07/2020 UPDATE 02 – 09:15 – 29/07/2020 After … Continue reading "28/07/2020 – 20:00 SMTP relay"

  • 27/06/2020 21:15 – Broadband Disruption June 27, 2020
    We are aware one of our broadband gateways has reloaded and dropped a number of broadband sessions. Traffic was rerouted to other gateways however, the network will need to be rebalanced in the early hours of the morning. We are sorry for the impact this will have had on you.

  • 11/05/2020 14:32 – Broadband Disruption May 11, 2020
    Our network monitoring has alerted us to a number of BTW based circuits going offline and prefix withdrawals from suppliers. We are currently investigating. UPDATE 01 – 14:49 We are seeing reports from other providers that they have experienced other issues. Initial investigations appear to show this as a problem within the “Williams House” Equinix … Continue reading "11/05/2020 14:32 – Broadband Disruption"

  • 16/04/2020 23:00 – Broadband Maintenance April 16, 2020
    We will be making some changes to our broadband network tonight in order to isolate 2 upstream gateways we suspect of causing additional latency to circuits routed via them. This will cause existing connection via these gateways to drop and reconnect. Due to the nature of the change this can take up-to 20 minutes. UPDATE … Continue reading "16/04/2020 23:00 – Broadband Maintenance"

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