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Multiply your broadband speeds

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What is Bonded Broadband?

Bonded Broadband connects up to four broadband lines together giving upto an 80% speed increase per line bonded to your download and upload.

In addition to a speed increase, as bonding utilises multiple lines and broadband, should one suffer a fault, the connectivity will remain live on the other lines whilst the fault is resolved.

Bonded broadband through Structured Communications provides the premium connectivity speed of a leased line without the premium costs.

Reliable service

“Our clients’ requirements are often demanding in terms of expectations, timescales, the complexity of the location and the need for discretion. We use Structured Communications because no job is too small or too complicated and they offer a very personal and attentive service. They demystify the jargon and quirks of the telephone network and can always be relied on to get the job done and to be there for future problems.”

Angus Harley, MSc MRICS
Partner, Knight Frank Country House Consultancy

How will Bonded Broadband benefit my business?

  • Increased Speeds

    Bonded broadband will provide an increase in speed of up to 80% per line bonded. Bonded broadband increases both download and upload speeds.

  • Resiliency

    Bonded broadband utilises multiple lines and broadband connections. Should one fail through a line fault, the bonded broadband solution will maintain your connection over the other lines whilst the line fault is resolved, leaving your business connected throughout.

  • Scalable

    Grow your connectivity with your business by simply by adding lines as you need.

  • Affordability

    All bonded broadband provided through Structured Communications are designed to be of high standard whilst maintaining an affordable entry point to Internet connectivity.

  • Functionality

    Both ADSL and fibre bonded broadband are ideal for small/medium and large business tasks such as email, browsing, cloud and voice.

  • Unmetered

    Both our ADSL and fibre bonded broadband options are unmetered for usage on both download AND upload thereby giving all our clients freedom of data usage without the fear of caps in usage allowance. Unmetered access is the perfect solution if you regularly transfer large amounts of data or access cloud software.

  • Higher speed & resilience

    Here at Structured Communications we operate our own independent network for all broadband connecting directly to major networks. We are a classified Internet Service Provider. The result in such investment is high speed of connection compared to our competitors over the same lines with low ping rates, ideal for VoIP solutions and faster cloud system response.

So, why choose Structured Communications for Bonded Broadband?

  • Quality

    Structured Communications ethos is based on delivering quality or product and service. Over our time we have developed into an official Internet Service Provider with our own network, all built to match our ethos. The result of such works is seen in our clients high speeds and high level of uptime experienced. Begin enjoying the security of broadband through Structured Communications today.

  • Flexible Contracts

    As an Internet Service Provider, Structured is in the unique position to be able to offer our clients contracts from 30 days on ADSL bonded broadband and 12 months for FTTC. This allows us to provide temporary connections where needed, often assisting companies moving office to maintain connectivity whilst larger EFM or fibre leased line services are installed.

  • Expertise

    Our broadband platform has been built from the ground up by our in-house team of technical engineers meaning we have full control of what the network can and can’t do. It also means that we can monitor the network 24/7 to ensure all of our clients stay connected and receive a high grade service all of the time.

  • Resilience

    We have built multi-level resiliency into the network by having direct data links in multiple carrier networks. This means that if one carrier has a fault the system will automatically switch to another within minutes. Most other providers only use a single carrier meaning faults can last hours or even days in extreme cases.

    Please contact us on 0203 301 4000 to learn more about how we can provide you with faster, more reliable broadband.