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The world of communication has changed with the ability and desire for instant information. This is putting increased demand on internet connectivity, leading many businesses and homes struggling to keep up through poor connections due to location.

Businesses rely on fixed systems such as Cloud IT or VoIP phone systems to keep things running smoothly. However, in this day and age, the handheld mobile devices of your employees are utilised in day to day business as well. The demand by users for fast and reliable speeds often lead to a struggling connection causing reduced productivity for your business.

The introduction of Fibre Broadband has helped many businesses due to the increased speeds obtained through the Fibre technology, however for many, broadband speeds remain low with no real solution being offered.

Other connectivity solutions such as EFM (Ethernet First Mile) or Fibre Leased Lines are available, but come at greater cost for installation and rental and may prove too costly.

Bonded Broadband through Structured Communications provides the premium connectivity speed of a Leased Line without the premium costs.

Alternatively, the single ADSL of Fibre broadband suits many small businesses or home.

We offer data-solutions to suit all size and type of client.


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