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Wandera began with the realisation that mobile phones were dramatically changing the way that businesses operate. Determined to build something that would help organisations make the transition from traditional desktops to more portable devices, the founders drew upon decades of experience in security to create technologies that would support enterprises looking to get more from mobile.

We’ve come a long way since the launch of that dream in 2012, and our global team of experts continue to work hard towards making it happen, crafting solutions for more than 500 enterprises. But the journey has just begun. There’s still so much to do and we’re excited about what’s next in the nascent and fast-moving world of mobile security.

The Challenge

Wandera was growing and along with the pending demolition of our existing offices at Marble Arch Towers, we were required to look at alternative office space. Structured Communications was already providing us with one of their managed VoIP PBX solutions which operated as required, however was limiting us in respect of control as we wanted to manage various aspects of our telephony ourselves.

To further add to the challenge of moving offices we were also bringing online our US Headquarters that we wanted to manage and connect to our UK based phone system. This would require US numbers along with both the new US and UK offices not being on Structured MPLS network as we had chosen another provider for our Data requirements.

The Solution

This was far simpler than we had anticipated with Structured dealing with most of the planning and technical requirements along with the original system setup and call routing plans based on our diagrams.

First, Structured upgraded the PBX which provided us native remote access to the system. They were then able to provision native USA numbers on the UK PBX for a group of remote handsets they were going to supply. This setup enables us to seamlessly route international calls as if they were local to the system. Web control enables us to modify this as required along with set programming to automatically handle calls during both the UK and US working day with overlap.

The Result

Structured Communications manage and provide the voice side of our services. Their network enables us to take advantage of our own 3rd party connectivity solutions in both the UK and US.

As with any provider who does not fully control the voice network there is a concern in respect to security of that network and your own. Structured was good enough to work with us to address or concerns where required while also understanding security is a large part of what we do.

The system works very well for our current needs. We could always have more features but are happy to work on these with Structured as required.

With dedicated knowledgeable support staff, we are happy with the service provided.

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