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Tyrefix UK Ltd

Tyrefix UK is the only national provider of tyre repair and replacement services for backhoes, aerial platforms, telehandlers, dumpers etc. We have been in business for over 30 years during which we have improved and innovated our service to ensure we always keep one step ahead.

Tyrefix UK is a strong, financially-sound UK-wide business, managing contracts and call-outs from a national control centre in Leicestershire and delivering a consistent quality of service. We are committed to remaining independent so we can continue to offer our unique, superior service levels and we are especially proud of our records on health & safety, sustainability, and customer satisfaction and retention.

The Challenge

A critical part of our business is communicating with our fitters and managing our client’s expectations, this is heavily reliant on the communications services we have in our head office. If we cannot upload a job to our system then the fitters cannot receive it and they will not be onsite to complete the work within our specified timescales.

Due to the location of our head office, we have always had problems with the type of connectivity that is supplied to our area. It could take minutes to upload jobs for our fitters which can be extremely frustrating for the controllers sending the jobs and the fitter receiving them.

The Solution

Structured took the time to come and meet with us and understand the difficulties we faced on a daily basis with our slow broadband. Structured Communications offered us a solution that no other provider had thought of, which proved to be extremely effective. The bonded FTTC broadband that we now have has improved our day to day running of the business by making us more efficient in everything we do. Another plus to this is staff morale being higher as we can upload jobs in a matter of seconds.

With Structured Communications, there is a feeling of trust and understanding that is very rare in most industries let alone telecoms. Due to this, we will be moving all of our other telecoms services over to them.


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