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PESGB is a not for profit membership society and a charity. We support causes throughout the country related to education and particularly in geoscience arenas.

We run events for our membership ranging from lectures through to conferences and exhibitions.

The Challenge

Our small team were often working away from the office and we needed the ability to have our phone system when away.  This was particularly useful when we closed down our office during the 2012 Olympics for a series of weeks whilst transport was so difficult.  We were all able to work from home without any disruption to our daily activities.

The Solution

We have a VOIP phone system with a complimentary “soft phone” system on our computers.  This has helped tremendously with staff working from home as our company promotes a work/life balance.

The Structured Communications VoIP system allows all users to use the same phone system. Team members working from a home office can make calls just as if they were at a desk in the office.  Our team can be connected to our offices using the VoIP phone system regardless of where they are working.

Structured are very responsive.  Whenever we send a query or difficulty through I always get a very prompt response.  They also give us a very personal service and I feel that they take an interest in our company and our needs.

They have been a pleasure to deal with!

Benjamin Gardner 

IT & EventsPESGB

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