• Chris Dale

    Chris Dale Managing Director

    Chris began in the Telecoms industry working with re-seller solutions in 2000 overseeing and applying the technological changes within the industry we see today and how these advances benefited the market at consumer level. He is always happy to discuss the high standards we have for our services and products and how they benefit a business. In his personal life, Chris focuses on family, drumming and is a keen fan of sports.

  • Antony Etheridge

    Antony Etheridge Business Development Manager

    Antony has over 12 years of experience within the telecoms industry which has taught him many skills as well as teaching him that he has a real passion for helping others. Antony helps identify how Structured can improve connectivity for businesses and ensures that the services provided are customised for the client. Family is very important to Antony and he enjoys time with them whenever possible.

  • Matt Warren

    Matt Warren Business Development Consultant

    Matt joined the Structured team in July of this year coming from an Account Management background. With a record of great customer service and his willingness to learn, Matt has been a welcomed addition to our business development team and has hit the ground running. Matt enjoys working with clients and helping to find the best solution for the job. Matt plays competitive football, likes a round of golf, and has a keen interest in horse racing.

  • Melanie Moore

    Melanie Moore Operations Manager

    Melanie is an experienced account manager with a wealth of experience within the telecom market with additional experience within the financial sector. Such experience has enabled Melanie to bring through valuable skills furthering our standards in quality and service. Melanie is often your first contact when starting with Structured Communications, ensuring your solutions are supplied as you need without hassle. When not in the office, Melanie enjoys training for triathlons with a couple of four legged running companions.

  • Kurt Whittaker

    Kurt Whittaker Senior Network Engineer

    Kurt began his career in the education sector on network, programming, and support services. This experience was an excellent foundation for his work here at Structured. Kurt is always happy to complete an installation, program hardware or talk to a client over the phone. When not providing support and advice to clients, Kurt enjoys coding and is currently developing our online portal. Kurt has a passion for game development and has been developing games for over 10 years. He also enjoys music with an appreciation for live music in particular.

  • Jessica Holbrook

    Jessica Holbrook Sales and Operations Administrator

    Jessica is a fresh face to the telecoms industry as she previously directed an after-school program and has experience in the social work field. She enjoys learning new things and sees this role as a welcomed challenge. Jessica has a love for both travelling internationally and spending an afternoon with her dog and husband in the local park.

  • Adam Clark

    Adam Clark Chief Network Engineer

    Adam has always had a strong interest for IT and networking. When his career in telecoms began over 8 years ago, Adam had no idea he would be a part of the incorporation of Structured Communications in 2012. Adam is the lead engineer responsible for the seamless running of our data centre. Adam spends a lot of his time trying to keep up with his young son and loves being a father.