Our Network

Resilience, Security and Stability as Standard

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Our Network

Here at Structured Communications we are proud to own and operate our own network which has been designed and built from the ground up by own team of engineers.

When it comes to the delivery of services, it is essential to know that you can rely on your network provider to deliver. For that reason, we operate a fully redundant Cisco core network with entry points from each device to ensure continued operation in the event of a failure.

Our network is monitored 24/7 by automatic reporting and alerting functionality to engineers in the event of a problem.

Our network continues to grow and change to fit the needs of our clients. Please contact us on 0203 301 4000 to learn more about the network behind our services.

  • Uncontended backbone

    We ensure our network remains uncontended and latency free by adding extra internal capacity when and where required.

  • Redundant links

    We have multiple redundant uplinks internally as well as to the internet and our suppliers. This allows us to suffer link or even hardware failures without a noticeable impact to your services.

  • Uptime guarantee

    Our network is located in more than 1 area of Level3, Goswell Road with links also taken from diverse locations as well as power and cooling to a Tier3 uptime standard.

  • Service and scalability

    Taking wholesale services directly from the industries top providers gives us the ability to offer solutions and services that you cant obtain via off the shelf resellers.

  • Customisation

    Having complete control over our network and its infrastructure gives us the unique ability to tailor make solutions to suit your needs.